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Bubmlee Bee

Product Descriptions

Bumble Bee is believed to be a unique artistry in itself, as each stone erupted from the volcano shows different design patterns. It is recognized to have impurities of Sulphur, Anhydrite as well as ash that are too erupted from the volcano. Bumble Bee is acknowledged seizing the attributes of both sulphur and hematite, so as it is conceived to be a stone of protection. Recognized to be erupting from the volcanoes of Indonesia, it maintains the strong inclination to relieve emotional tension from its carrier’s torso. It is auxiliary alleged to be one of the varieties of jasper; therefore it the propensity is grabbed in to provoke the instinctive and intellectual psyche of its carrier. It is traditionally considered as the best protective charm to rectify the unmanageable situations of the lifespan. It is further deliberated to be a jewel piece that serves its carrier to take away all the negativity along with the stress leading behaviors from the life.