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Hessonite Garnet

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About Hessonite Garnet - History and Introduction

Hessonite is a gem quality variety of grossularite (grossular) garnet, the calcium-aluminum silicate member of the garnet species. While most varieties of grossularite are green, hessonite is known for its characteristic honey-yellow to brown-red "cinnamon" color, though it can occur in other colors as well. It is referred to as the "cinnamon stone" or the "kaneel stone" in reference to its distinct color. Other types of grossular garnets include the more common green grossularite, chromium-rich tsavorite, the rare hydrogrossular garnet and the rare leuco garnet (colorless).

Hessonite is an extremely important stone in Vedic astrology and like other garnets, it may also be worn as one of the traditional birthstones for the month of January. For many years, gems that were thought to be zircon were discovered to be hessonite. The name, "hessonite", was derived from the Greek word "hesson", meaning "inferior" - in reference to the fact that hessonite has a density and hardness lower than that of most other forms of garnet.